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Our Conservatory

The Toledo Conservatory "Jacinto Guerrero" was established by the Provincial Council of Toledo in October 1980. It was founded by Antonio Benigno Celada Alonso (1930-2010), Master of the Cathedral Chapel of Toledo. In 1987, Ana María Sancho Sancho, musical pianist and musical teacher, took on the direction of the modernization of a Centre with the inclusion of new instrumental specialties and, starting in 1988, the organization of the National Youth Piano Contest.

In 1992, the 1966 study plan gave way to a new organization: The LOGSE, which proposed new procedures that the Conservatory must put into practice. The classes began to be provided with instruments of higher quality, the number of instrumental specialties increased and computer assistance was introduced at the administrative level and, later, at the musical level.

The Toledo International Music Festival was established in 1994 with the aim of promoting the dissemination of music and providing the general public with the possibility of listening to the most outstanding musicians on the world scene. It was organized by this Conservatory until 2009. From this year onwards the Festival begins to be organized by the Culture and Sports Foundation of Castilla-La Mancha.

In the year 1999 the Conservatory became a Professional Organization, dedicated to the curricular development of the Middle Grade. During six courses the students are prepared effectively so that they can directly access the musical teachings of the superior degree. Every year more students of our Centre continue their higher education, fulfilling one of the educational objectives of this Conservatory.

After 30 years of being under the tutelage of the Provincial Council of Toledo, in 2010 it is now managed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Castilla-La Mancha, joining the network of educational centres of the special regime. During this stage of power transfer of the Conservatory, from the Provincial Council to the Ministry of Education Juan José Montero Ruiz, was elected as director by the School Board of the Centre, to undertake the necessary reforms to adapt it to the new academic situation.

History of the building

The location of the Conservatory has a special historical-cultural interest, not only because it is located within the Old Town of the city of Toledo, but also because it is based on the remains of the old Colegio de Doncellas, intended for the upbringing and education of orphan girls , and the Monastery of San Juan de la Penitencia, founded in 1514 by Cardinal Cisneros to house the nuns of the Third Order of San Francisco.

This complex of San Juan de la Penitencia, with an irregular floor plan, a masterpiece of the architect Pedro Gumiel, represented one of the greatest exponents of late-Gothic of Toledo architecture in the early 16th century, with important Mudejar and Renaissance contributions. In 1936, during the first days of the Spanish Civil War, it suffered a terrible fire, it is not known whether intentional or accidental, which destroyed it almost completely. It retains not very much of its primitive construction but it is well-preserved: a splendid Mudejar roof of ochavada wood; three ancient good gates, the one of church with tejaroz, the one of the School of Doncellas and the one that served as access to the old monastery and the old stables; and a beautiful gallery that overlooks the Tagus.


• 1 Auditorium with a seating capacity of 225.

• 33 classrooms.

• 1 Lecture Hall.

• 1 multifunctional room or camera room, which serves as a mini-auditorium.

• 5 study cabins.

• 1 library with a seating capacity of 102, 2 terminals for internet connection and a library.

• 4 offices: director’s office, office of the head of studies, secretary’s office and secretariat.

• 1 teachers’ room.